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We are introducing this technology first time in India. The Project Concept is simple but more powerful and helpful for Educational Institutions like Schools and Colleges etc., Using our device the attendance of the students can automatically recognised by our device and digitally stored.

The Main feature of this device is, it can read any person’s BIO METRIC, SWIPING CARD or FACE and send this attendance details to the specified Mobile Number via SMS. (These all the facilities integrated in a single device)

And most important thing is whenever the students enters into the school or college campus, our device captures the students data (Entry and Exit Time and Date) and sends SMS (Message) to their parents or registered mobile numbers and keeps this data into your system.

This SMS will send for both entry and exit procedures. The Vital point is this facility will gives satisfaction for both parents and Institutions and reduce time to take attendance.

So the parents gets relax at the time of students in school or college and the institution also gets 100% guaranteed safe for both about students and parents.

The old type of attendance register records will vanish soon. Because these type of paper records the Institutions unable to maintain it for long period. But our New device maintain all the data about attendance digitally, so we can backup this data and store in to the computer or some other electronic memory devices for future reference.

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